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Twice in your eyes (2001-05-01)

Enfin une chanson un peu moins triste de la part de Peter !

Chanteur(s) :


Musicien(s) :


Paroles :

I woke up with the sun

He seemed to say hello

I was so thankfull

For this new day i take part of

I'm gonna do the same

old little things with you

Listening to you

Enjoying that you are here now


Little by little reading in you

The sun seem to shine twice in your eyes

Come on we gonna take

The bycicles for a ride

Showing how we

Get closer to each other

Say hello to your friends

Being so glad to meet

I am the one

The lucky guy staring at her

I sleep with the moon

He seem to say good night

I am so thankfull

For the beautyfull day we had

I wake up with the sun

He seem to say hello

I thank you again

For this new day with you

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