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Speak (2000-05-02)

C'est un très très beau morceau ! Il a mis du temps à sortir de la boite ! Mais il est maintenant disponible, pour le bonheur de tous ! Certainement le meilleur morceau anglais de manella !

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Paroles :

Next to him everything goes on

Speak,speak and don't hear

In his bedroom he watches TV

They speak,yes,they speak

So he stepped back and listened to them

Speak,speak, still don't hear

They try to help him to open his ears

They speak,yes,they speak

He washed his ears,then he listened again

Speak,speak but don't hear

He shouted out,loud to all the crowd

They hear,yes,they hear

Would he ever hear anything

It is not his ears

Come and tell him to learn how to hear

Maybe he will speak

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