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No more love (1999-12-23)

C'est un morceau triste qui dénote toute la souffrance du personnage ... Une belle chanson en anglais, qui fera certainement le tube des années 2000 !

Chanteur(s) :

Peter (paroles et chant)

Musicien(s) :


Paroles :

Could you tell me how to fly ?

To fly away from that pain

Now i always have to cry

Caus you want love me again


I don't wanna fall in love again

it feels like nothing can hurt me

it feels like you were dead

The sun is rising everyday

he would stop if you leave me

that's why he said to me, pray

to find another day

the most beautiful flower is nothing

beside you

when i read the bible

i thought they speak of you

now i wonder if you ever forgive me

now you can go if you want

now it seems to be a dream

and now i wish you are dead

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