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Never ever (2001-11-16)

Un morceau signé Peter (paroles et musique) et Slowtrain (musique)qui ont enfin eu l'occasion de se rencontrer !

Chanteur(s) :


Musicien(s) :

Peter et Slowtrain

Paroles :

All i ever needed is to go without taking anything

Sorry for this morning you're alone

Walking along the hallway with the sun shining through the door

Maybe i could come back but it's done


Such a good time we had such fools we've been

Just turn around and never stare at me

never ever stare at me

Crossing the streets and running with tears falling on the floor

Getting away from this town is what i must do

I'm gonna take the pictures the souvenirs of our love

Dancin' around the fire i made of it

Never turn your back on me please forget what we've done

forget how you loved me and what we've been

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