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Breuer - chinese version (2000-06-01)

Reprise en Chinois de "la patiente du docteur Breuer" de Manella par VampireX, partenaire Cninois de Manella. ( www.mp3.com/vampirex )

Chanteur(s) :


Parolier(s) :


Musicien(s) :

Guitares et percus : Zmorlock

Paroles :

(P)-Chinese pronunciation


(P)miluan zhong

(E)in bewilderment

wo tanguo yuese de hai

i went across the mooncolor ocean

zai zhe you'an jingmi de senglin

in the dim and silent forest

touying wangri youyu de muguang

shadowing the sad eyesight of past



cike youli yu meng de bianyuan

at the moment wandering around the edge of dreams

qu kan cengjin feiyang de chuanshuo

to see those legends ever flying

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