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The band is French, more exactly; Alsatian! We have got three home recording studios (Mulhouse, Lutterbach and Strasbourg), we use instruments as we can, instruments are also heterogeneous, as the skills of members. It's make our force with regard to the other bands (U2, Louise attacks, or Abba ...)

Some Guest-Stars (guest, friends) play with us in some compositions!

Although two different sub-entities form the group (gossips would say even 3), the band forms an unit through the Net, by usings of tools like E-mail, webcams and instant messaging. Sometimes we meet in the real life.

There is no leader, but a system of "debate", by email, is in place. This allows to refocus the drift, and to put back the band on a common rail ! Sometimes it works, sometimes not

Every member of the band is more or less " composer - musician - interpreter ". But it's clear that some practise these activities with more talents than the others; we are not a set musically perfect. So the others specialization were born with the notion of Web-group; the NET side also having an important part in our initiative.

Manella is a french "web-band" which make music for and with the internet. All our productions are available under the Creative Commons By-SA licence
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